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Licensing and environmental planning

Tetra+ is qualified to attend all phases of the environmental licensing process of a project, from the feasibility to its implementation and the operational phase, in permanent dialogue with the Brazilian Environmental Agencies such as IBAMA, CETESB, INEA etc. Our portfolio is diversified in sectors, size and location ensuring knowledge and continuous innovation.

+ Previous Licensing (LP)

+ Installation Licensing (LI)

Formulating, implementing/executing and managing Social and Environmental Plans

Managing stakeholders relationships

+ Operation Licensing (LO)

Attending license’s conditionings and Programs, auditing, improving performances

+ Strategic Environmental Assessment – SEA (Plans, Programs and Projects)

+ Integrated Environmental Assessment

+ Economic Ecological Zoning (ZEE)

Investor advising

Strategic design of social and environmental demands, including costs (Environmental CAPEX/OPEX), for all phases of a project, anticipating red flags that implies risks to the investment process in terms of schedule and costs:

+ Socio-Environmental Financing Risk Report (IFC)

+ Support for Investors in Concessions Auctions

+ Assessment of Social and Environmental Liabilities

+ Preparation of Basic Environmental Budgets

Social development projects

These are projects focused on social inclusion aiming to promote the knowledge, training and often the technology necessary for the community to advance as a protagonist in its own development.

Tetra+, in partnership with its customers, has been working in different regions of Brazil in projects to strength communities in social vulnerability, training those involved and enabling the improvement of income, quality of life, health and citizenship.

Audits and Due Diligence

Tetra+ has acted as a consultant in several projects, whether in transactions involving M&A and assets transferences, or even in project financing transactions with banks, most of them signatories of Equator Principles.

Projects of this nature are generally confidential, requiring senior staff allocated and sector knowledge. Our team adds experience with multidisciplinary know-how in order to deliver multiples scenarios to our customers, properly evaluating risks and liabilities and performing a strategic design to enable the deal to advance.

Circular economy

Tetra+ knows its role as a consultant in innovation and in the new way of thinking about the future and how we relate to the planet. Circular Economy brings a new vision of development where growth is disconnected from the exploration of raw materials and is based on the restoration of natural and social capital.

We integrate consultants from different areas to our team to assist our clients from the engagement and awareness of a Circular Economy project, in research and innovation, to the stages of design, transformation and application.


Our team was involved in all stages of archaeological studies (Archaeological diagnosis, prospective survey and rescue), in addition to the activities of Monitoring, Heritage Education and valorization of Cultural Assets.

Environmental monitoring

Tetra+ has relevant experience, country wide in environmental monitoring activities during the construction or operational phase.

Through specialized staff, equipment and qualified and updated database, we develop indicators for monitoring reports and field checklists, which allows quick systematization of information.

We use Drone to support field teams in inspections and monitoring of project’s activities.

Degraded Areas and Recovery Plans (In Portuguese: PRAD)

Tetra+ has been working on plans and effective execution of Degraded Areas Recuperation Plans (In Portuguese, PRADs) to recover degraded areas or when feasible, performing compensatory planting.

From soil preparation, seedlings, rescuing seeds to development and running hatcheries, we contribute to support the best decisions, including the assessing possible partnerships.

Corporate education and environmental training

We develop corporate and professional trainings based on social and environmental practices. We add our team’s experience and know-how to prepare differentiated and highly practical trainings such as:

+ Delimitation of Study Areas with field specialists

+ Licensing and Environmental Planning

+ Equator Principles

+ Circular Economy

+ Planning and Mobilization of Environmental Projects

+ Environmental Cost Composition (CAPEX/OPEX)

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