We are a young company, founded in 2011 as LL Consultoria. We continue the success story started by the time the first environmental licensing studies were established in Brazil. Our partner’s experience together reaches more than 100 years of practice in the area.

We developed a new format to operate, by adding experience, purpose, freedom and by establishing sustainable alternatives for our projects with our clients. We assist them with present and future business decisions and help to transform social and environmental obligations into competitive edges.

Tetra+ created a new model do delivery consultancy, always adopting advanced approaches, with customized solutions for projects, what helps us to continuously learn. In this journey our team expands its knowledge, guarantees gains for customers and the to the collectiveness. The group grows and develops itself at the same time its activities take place

Our business is to make investments feasible adding sustainability to projects and its locations. We want to make a difference by delivering sustainable alternatives to our customers through our experience, giving new meaning to learning, innovation, conscious management and, above all, transforming the dynamics of the operating environment.

Tetra+ recognizes the importance of adopting best practices for our operational model. Further than being in full compliance with the local legislation, our values are supported by:

– Business Guidelines

– Anti-Corruption Statement

– Occupational Health and Safety Policy

– Corporate Responsibility, Transparency and Equity

Tetra+ and its team recognize, as a company and as citizens, our responsibility with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN), a commitment assumed through our clients’ projects and our strategy so that a better world is possible for everyone.

Our team abilities and experience enable us to deliver sustainable alternatives to our customers, strengthening our business through learning, innovation and conscious management. This team connects itself with a wider network which expands with a new round of connections and keep multiplying it

The accumulated knowledge has resulted in deliveries for clients with great outcomes and capabilities in mining, ports, highways, railways, power generation and distribution projects, among others. We work for private clients and, at the same time, we deal with public institutions as partners and also as clients.

Filipe Martinez Biazzi

Maria Claudia Paley Braga

Martinês Vicente



Tomamos a decisão estratégica de focar a busca de novas oportunidades com os “três jeitos” da Tetra+, nosso tripé T+, compreendendo que há uma visão sistêmica entre (i) a execução de programas ambientais com a (ii) estruturação robusta dos projetos sociais e (iii) a reposição florestal, a partir de uma expertise nas ciências relacionadas a flora. Iniciamos novos ciclos com grandes clientes, alicerçando um contrato robusto sobre uma Linha de Transmissão da TSM/Alupar de 500 kV e alguns contratos “guarda-chuva” com clientes como a Eneva, entre outros.



We reached more than 100 professionals working in several sectors. We won our 1st Mining Project LP (Previous License) in Rondônia, the 1st LO (Operation License) of a Photovoltaic and a Wind Power project, both in Bahia and we rescued our 1st Archaeological Site. Also opened another 2 branches in Sergipe and São Paulo.



The team had already more than 30 professionals, with projects in several states. We opened a branch in Bahia, launched a book about Regional Economy, created a methodology to assess risks and better point out environmental CAPEX/OPEX and assumed our commitment to the 17 UN SDGs.



Tetra+ Economic and Environmental Consulting rises with professionals who have worked in the environmental consultancy market for several years, with diversity of backgrounds and experiences in several sectors such as mining, energy, logistics, oil & gas and industrial projects among others, for public and private clients inside and outside Brazil.