Economic and Environmental Consulting

Experience and agility in delivering sustainable alternatives to your business

Smart Decision Making Tools

We are a young company, founded in 2011 as LL Consultoria. We developed a new format to operate, by adding experience, purpose, freedom and by establishing sustainable alternatives for our projects with our clients. We assist them with present and future business decisions and help to transform social and environmental obligations into competitive edges.

Tetra+ created a new model do delivery consultancy, always adopting advanced approaches, with customized solutions for projects, what helps us to continuously learn. In this journey our team expands its knowledge, guarantees gains for customers and the to the collectiveness. Our business is to make investments feasible adding sustainability to projects and its locations. We want to make a difference by delivering sustainable alternatives to our customers through our experience, giving new meaning to learning, innovation, conscious management and, above all, transforming the dynamics of the operating environment.